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CHEZ NOUS (Newspaper)


Chez Nous 28 November, 1949 Page 1

Chez Nous, 28 November 1949 Page 1

'Chez Nous' was published as a Geelong College student newspaper in two series during the 1940s and possibly briefly, as a third series in the 1950s. The College Archives do not hold any copies from the 1950s.

The first series was published from about March 1940 to 5 December 1940 and was probably set up and printed at the House of Guilds. The much longer lived second series was published in seven volumes from 26 July 1946 until 13 December 1949 and was printed by Adams printing in Pakington St. Copies of most of the first series and all of the second series are held in the College Archives.

The Centenary History notes that 'Chez Nous' re-appeared briefly in the 1950s in letterpress form although no copy of this series is held in the School Archives.

Chez Nous was set up and printed in the House of Guilds and contained a wide variety of contributions and illustrated material. It provided a far more informal and vibrant view of College life than Pegasus. It was, however, also described in the College’s Centenary History as a 'scurrilous internal news sheet’.

The 'official' student record of the College has always remained Pegasus Magazine though the appearance of Ad Astra Newsletter in 1959 saw Old Collegian news transferred to that publication.

Chez Nous

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Chez Nous 18 March 1940
Chez Nous 1 April 1940
Chez Nous 8 April 1940
Chez Nous 15 April 1940
Chez Nous 23 April 1940

Chez Nous 16 November 1940
Chez Nous 12 December 1940

Chez Nous 11 March 1949
Chez Nous 1 April 1949

Sources: B R Keith et al, 'The Geelong College; 1861-1961' p 70.
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