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PEGASUS, THE (Magazine)

THE PEGASUS (Magazine)

See Also Preparatory School Pegasus

Pegasus Readers, 2011.

Pegasus Readers, 2011.

First published as a quarterly in 1909, Pegasus Magazine has been a stalwart record of news and student achievement at Geelong College for almost 100 years. The first issue of April, 1909 recorded the editors’ views about what this new periodical should fulfil. It was: ‘to serve as a record of the doings of the Present Boys and to enable those Old Boys who are scattered in various directions through the Commonwealth, to keep in touch with the College, and with one another’.

The publication cycle of Pegasus originally corresponded to the School Term. From 1909 to 1912 there were four terms and Pegasus was produced quarterly in April, June, October and December. After the three term system was introduced in 1913 Pegasus was published in May, August and December. From 1932 to 1971, with some irregularity during the years of World War II, it was published twice a year.

In 1974, it became an annual, increasing in size in 1974 and 1975 until in 1976 it was published in the A4 size currently used. From 1981 to 1993 a separate Preparatory School Pegasus was published, however this was re-absorbed back into the annual Pegasus in 1994.

Much material originally published in Pegasus is now disseminated in other College publications such as the AD ASTRA Community Magazine or through social media.

For brief periods in the 1940s, a student newspaper known as Chez Nous was also published.

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