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Old Geelong Collegian Awardees:

ABERY, Colin Richard, OA
AITKEN, Robert Russell, MBE (1922-2004)
ANDREWS, Vautin Hilary, OBE (1914-1976)
APPEL, Simon Edward, OAM
ARMSTRONG, Garry O’Dell, OBE (1914-2001)
BACKWELL, Albert Leslie, OBE (1896-1983)
BACKWELL, Alwyn Robert, OAM
BADGER, Sir Geoffrey Malcolm, AO (1916-2002)
BAILLIEU, Arthur Sydney, OBE (1872-1942)
BAIRD, Richard Malcolm, KM AM
BALFOUR, James Charles Murray, CBE (1914-1990)
BARNES, Ian Lyle, OAM (1927-2017)
BATTYE, James Sykes (1871-1954), CBE
BEACH, Hon Justice Barry Watson, AM (1931-)
BEAMISH, Francis Teulon, OBE (1890-1973)
BELL, Barry Malcolm, OAM (1933-2010)
BELL, Colin Carstairs, OBE (1902-1961)
BETTS, Geoffrey James, AM MBE (1920-2015)
BOILEAU, Sir Francis James (1877-1945)
BOYD, Douglas Thornley, CMG (1896-1964)
BOYD, Russell Stewart OAM (1944- )
BROWN, Charles Naples, OBE (1885-1947)
BUCHANAN, John 'Keith', AM (1926-2007)
BURN, Robert Frank, OAM
BURNET, Frank Macfarlane, OM AK KBE Kt (1899-1985)
BUTCHER, Alfred Dunbavin, CMG AO (1915-1990)
CALDER, Norman Keith, OBE (1899-1985)
CALLANDER, Jack Warwick, MBE (1921-2000)
CAMPBELL, Frederick Alexander, MCE (1849-1930)
CARR, John William, OAM
COLE, Barry Leighton AO (1934-2021)
COLES, Sir Arthur William (1892-1982)
COLMAN, Richard, AM
COOKE, Prof Maxwell Joseph Lorimer, OAM
COOMBE, Kenneth Raymond OAM (1932-2019)
CORKE, Elizabeth M OAM
CROCKETT, William Charles, AO (1924–2007)
CRUISE, Albert John, OBE (1885-1952)
DAVID, Alan Ray, OAM (1913-2005)
DIX, William Leslie (Bill), AO
DOAK, Peter John, OAM
DONNAN, Geoffrey Allan, AO MB BS, MD, FRACP, FRCP (Edin)
DOYLE, Robert Keith Bennett, AC
DWYER, Sir John Patrick (1879-1966)
EVERIST, Ian Charles, OAM (1928-2012)
EVERIST, Percy Neil, OAM (1929-2016)
EWAN, George William Carruthers, OAM (1927-2005)
EWART, John Ferguson, OAM (1923-1990)
FABB, Dr Wesley Earl, AM
FAGG, Keith Andrew, OAM
FAIRNIE, Dr Ian James AM (1944-)
FALLAW, Ronald Fife, OAM (1931-2010)
FELL-SMITH, Bruce Gordon, OAM (1943-2013)
FIDGE, Sir Harold Roy (1904-1981)
FINDLAY, Major General Dr Adam George, AO
FORBES, John Allan, OA (1920-1989)
FRASER, Duncan, AM
FRASER, Hugh, MBE (1864-1957)
GILLESPIE, James McGregor (1859-1936), OBE
GOUGH, James William, OAM
GUTHRIE, James Francis, CBE (1872-1958)
HAMILTON, James McKnight, OBE (1915-1979)
HAMLYN, Alexander Laurence ‘Laurie’, OAM (1925-2009)
HARRISON, Sir James William, KCMG CB CBE (1912-1971)
HASSETT, Arthur Lindsay, MBE (1913–1993)
HAVELOCK, Sir Wilfrid Bowen (1912-2003)
HERD, Francis Oswald, OAM
HERD, Frederick Rock, AO (1925-2007)
HINCHCLIFFE, Hon Timothy Alexander, CBE (1946-2009)
HOBDAY, John Matheson OAM
HOLDEN, Albert Thomas, CBE (1866-1935)
HOLDEN, George H., OAM
HONEYCOMBE, Sir Robert William Kerr, (1921-2007)
HOOPER, John Ashby CBE (1929-2007)
HOWDEN, Ian Cromie, OAM
HYLAND, Jeffrey Penfold, OBE (1911-1990)
INGPEN, Robert Roger, AM (1936-)
INGPEN, Thomas Robert, AM (1909-1991)
JACOBS, Sir Roland Ellis (1891-1981)
JOHN, Malcolm Semple, OAM
KYLE, Herbert Seton Stewart, OBE (1873-1955)
LAIDLAW, Adam Ian (1926-2010)
LAWSON, Andrew John, OAM
LEGGE, John David AO (1921-2016)
LEON, Samuel, KC (1848-1933)
LEONARD, Fiona Jean, OAM
LIM, Voon Chong AM
LLOYD, Bruce Edward, AM (1937- )
LOGIE-SMITH, George, MBE OBE (1914-2007)
LOGIE-SMITH, Robert George, AM (1943- )
LYON, Malcolm Elliott, OBE (1930-2007)
MACALISTER, Jack Lyle, MBE DFC (1917-2010)
MACKAY, Dr Ian Reay, AM
MACLEOD, John Anning OBE (1916-1991)
MADDERN, Barry James, AC (1937-1994)
MAHAR, Andrew John, AM
McALLISTER, Kenneth Barrett OAM (1933 -)
McARTHUR, Fergus 'Stewart', AM
McARTHUR, Sir William Gilbert Stewart (1861-1935)
McCANN, Ernest Wesley, OBE (1905-1985)
McCOLL, James Carvel, AO (1933-2013)
MCDONALD, Allan William, AO (1937-2017)
McGREGOR, Peter Robert, OAM
McINTYRE, Kenneth Gordon, OBE MA LLB Comenda da Ordem do D, Henrique (1910-2004)
McLEAN, Alistair Murray, AO OAM
McLEOD, John Kenneth Allister, AO (1930-2002)
MENZIES, Dr Stanley John, OAM
MERRIMAN, Robert Frederick, AM
MITCHELL, Eric George, OAM
MORELL, Robert Charles, OAM (c1930-2013)
MULHAM, William Edward, OAM (1932-2015)
MURPHY, Dr Ian Stephen MacLeod (1905-1981) BEM
NALL, Kenneth Spencer, OAM (1924-2011)
NEILSON, Dr Donald Geoffrey, AM
NEWMAN, John Robert, OAM
NIMMO, James Ferguson, OBE (1912-1984)
OVEREND, Stanton James, MBE (1886-1955)
PETTITT, James Wilson, BEM (1914-2007)
PETTITT, Robert Wood, MBE (1913-2007)
PRICE, Columbus Leigh, OBE 1886-1948)
PROUD, William Langham, CBE (1909-1984)
QUAIL, Professor Geoffrey, OAM
RACHINGER, Norman Neil, OAM (1931-2008)
RAMSAY, James Stewart, AO (1923-1996)
REDPATH, Ian Ritchie, MBE
RICHARDSON, Jack Edwin, AO (1920-2011)
RIGBY, Edward Charles (1873-1958), CBE
ROBB, Robert John, AM
ROBERTSON, Horace Clement Hugh, KBE DSO (1894 – 1960)
ROBERTSON, Robert, MBE (1885-1982)
ROGERS, Alan John, AM (1926-2013)
ROGERS, John David, OBE CBE MC (1895-1978)
ROGERS, David William ‘Bill’, AO
SALMON, John Robert, CBE (1926-2013)
SEWARD, Hugh Galbraith, AM
SHEAHAN, Andrew Paul, AM (1946-)
SINCLAIR, Alexander John Maum, OBE (1908-1988)
SKEWES, David Leslie, OAM (1929-2017)
SLATER, Edward Charles ‘Bill’, OBE (1917-2016)
STEWART, Robert Fraser, OAM
STRAHAN, Anthony George Reginald, OAM
SYNOT, Walter Ross, OAM
TIMMS, Charles Gordon, MC OBE (1884-1958)
TIPPETT, George Henry King, AM
TROUP, William Macgregor, OBE (1908-1982)
TROY, Peter Hemsworth, OAM (1938-2008)
TURNBULL, Ernest James Lyle, AO (1928-2003)
VANRENEN, Donald Sutherland, AO (1924-1992)
VENTERS, James Stewart, BEM 1911-2002
WALKER, Robert Gardner, OAM (1926-1999)
WALLS, Andrew Nowell, AM (1912-1990)
WATSON, Donald McRae, CBE (1914-1993)
WATSON, John Herbert Geoffrey, OAM (1921-2018)
WEBB, Peter Roderick, OAM
WETTENHALL, Henry Norman Burgess, AM (1915-2000)
WHEELER, Charles Arthur, DCM OBE (1880-1977)
WOOD, Gillam Albert McConnell, OBE, OAM, BA (1910-1993)
WOOLLEY, David Leon Talbot, AM (1924-2005)

Staff Awardees:

ROLLAND, Sir Francis William, Kt, CMG, OBE, MC, MA, DD (1878-1965)
THWAITES, Peter Nelson, OBE (1917-1984)

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